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When I woke up in the morning, my mother called me to come down. I gently rubbed my and then, BAM!
My package came in the mail, finally. Well, I won't complain, since the seller is from Akibastar. What is inside this package, you ask? Last week, I stumbled upon an online store that sells and deals rare 00 items. They're a bit overpriced, but it's worth the buy! I'll be review the items that got sent by the dealer. Hope you enjoy~

Let's get this review started!


Product Review

- Sono Chieri Limited Edition Kenkyuusei Senbatsu Uniform

Quality: 5/5
The quality is the best out of all! It feels like an original print.

- Itano Tomomi the 11th Limited Edition Senbatsu Uniform Card

Quality: 4/5
The tips of the card were already crooked when I opened the package. Honestly, I couldn't care less.

- Takahashi Minami the 5th Limited Edition Senbatsu Uniform Card

Quality: 5/5
No problems with this card. 100% fine!

- Watanabe Mayu type3 Limited Edition Senbatsu Uniform Card

Quality: 5/5
This one has a scent in the card, which was quite nice.


Shop Review

Costumer service: 5/5
Communication with the staffs were excellent. I also got a quick response in my Email.

Delivery duration: 5/5
It took about a week + one day and that's pretty good, since it came from Akibastar.



: I definitely recommend buying from them. They give you the best quality items, a service with a smile, and proper website guides. Check them out, please!


Well, that was my review. I'm also still awaiting for my Maeda Atsuko the 14th figma that includes a free 00 poster. I'm so excited!
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Hm? My thoughts on the 77th generation understudies? Well, I suppose they're full of potential, especially Chieri and Suzuko. I saw a live stream of their Lancastar concert, it was overwhelming. I'd say they're the most powerful generation.

Prediction on who they'll succeed? Hm...let me think. As a diehard 00 fan, I already made a list. Mwahahah~!

Sono Chieri (Center Nova): Matsui Sakiko
I think Chieri's personality, looks, and confidence are similar to Sakippe.

Shinonome Sonata: Ota Aika
What can I say, her interviews and PVs says it all.

Shinonome Kanata: Fujie Reina
She has the heart and soul of Reinyan!

Yokomizo Makoto: Moeno Nito
She's a perfect fit for Moeno.

Kanzaki Suzuko: Miku Tanabe
Suzuko has the similar skills as Tanamin.

Ichijou Yuuka: Haruka Ishida
Interviews of her says it all.

Aida Orine: Ami Maeda, though I do support her wanting to succeed Sashiko!
Aamin resembles her perfectly.
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Today was just a boring day, like everyday is in Ichibastar. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of this boring life once I audition for 00's 78th generation understudies. Yes, that'll be good. And the thought of living in Akibastar is such a delight! Where there aren't any entertainment bans and smoke from DES factories. Ah, I'm not a patient person, but my heart will be patient for 00. I heard rumors about the 78th generation auditions coming up in a few weeks, which was rather exciting. I can't wait to start my idol hood!
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Name: Kaori Hisakawa
Age: 14
Birthday: September 4, 33th Year of the Star Calendar
Height: 158 cm/ 5’2
Homeworld: Ichibastar
Hair Color: Turquoise
Eye Color: Dark Blue, Light Purple, Deep Green (mix)
Personality: Tsundere, Hard Worker, Bubbly (can be shy in awkward situations)
Style: Goth
Quote: “Put your heart, soul, and mind into it! Working half-assedly pisses me off.”


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